Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Snow Much Snow

I was incredibly sceptical of all the snow storm talk at first, but am currently eating a massive bowl full of my words. For it is March, it is more than mid-March if you will, and every time I look out my window the snow is getting heavier. Euro News says it's -1 but 'feels like' -6 Celcius. There are about 10cm of snow. I don't actually know if that's accurate or not, but it feels about that. I tried to find a picture from Google Images, but either the search engine doesn't understand English or Google is disintegrating slowly, but it just won't show me what I want. So you'll have to make do with this mediocre picture I took from my room.

The snow from outside my window
I'm chilling (well not, it's balmy in here) in my room, anticipating the beginnings of my new Vonnegut book (a decidedly vintage edition). I just read Slaughterhouse-5, so I'm really excited to start this one, but since I have a 7 hour bus ride to Berlin on Friday, I might try to hold off. I'm also having the staple Breakfast tea and some Lindt sea salt chocolate. Verdict: not as good as salted caramel,  but still very good.


The Weakerthans may be my favourite band, so I was overjoyed to discover the principal lyricist and vocalist has a new album out. I'm definitely downloading it to immerse myself in this weekend.

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