Sunday, 24 February 2013

This Week

It's the weekend, and the end of my third week of carpentry. This week, myself and one other guy made a bench to go at a table we're going to put in our workshop to eat lunch at. I'll post pictures and descriptions at another time.

I brought my bike to to the shop I bought it from, and experienced some ingrained sexism on the part of the shop guy. It gets really old, and I expected better from Denmark, but I guess that was too much to ask of the bike world.

It's finally stopped snowing (actually, I slightly take that back since I wrote this yesterday, it snowed a bit lat night and it's sleeting big time now) so when I wake up there isn't a thick blanket of snow covering the streets. It's getting easier to cycle to school, getting warmer overall, and some little flowers are peeking their heads out of the ground in anticipation of Spring.

Leo found one of the teachers making sourdough and a lamb stew out here. Amazing.

I made a tiny bunting

Did you know you can simply buy chamomile flowers which costs about 1/10 of when it comes in tea bag form? Life-altering realitsation

Leo and August with the table. Next to follow-pictures of the bench I made

This weekend was spent lounging, cycling, talking to my new boss about my new job, eating, and going to a lovely cinema to see The Master. What a strange, strange film. The cinema was beautiful, very art deco with black and white tiled floors. We got a coffee and cookie before, the seats were very comfortable, the whole experience was incredibly hygge.

This morning I discussed Christmas with Leo, and how much I love it, as a concept and in actuality. He told me I was being immature and that Christmas is a commodified joke. I told him I don't care. In protest I'm going to watch Elf later on and think about cinammon and nutmeg. I will not be censored.

Life is good, but it's once again time to reassess everything, and I'm thinking that I need to start planning what to do once this short course is over (it's only 6-7 months, and we're starting the 4th week). I need to plan a potential apprenticeship, an area to relocate to, lots of stuff to be thinking about.

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