Sunday, 10 February 2013


It's been so nice having the weekend off to recuperate and relax. Today there was a lot of good breakfast eating, cycling, Arrested Development watching, tea drinking, and finally a cycle into Copenhagen. My initial plan was to go to an Irish music sessiún, as I really want to get back into regular flute playing. It was also my first cycle into Copenhagen centre from home. It's the easiest town to navigate, owing to the fact that it's absolutely tiny.

Unfortunately  the pub we wanted to go to literally doesn't exist anymore, so we headed for The Dubliner, one of the many Irish pubs Copenhagen has to offer. A coffee was 31kr (FILTER coffee) and a Guinness was more than 60kr, I amn't exactly sure much. We watched Ireland get absolutely destroyed by England in the rugby, and then we cycled home in the snow.

There's an ice rink near where we live, and there was a band playing house music, and a large crown dancing and having a great time. Denmark is so weird at times.

Goals for next week: Get a CPR number and thus administratively exist in this country,  get a library card, get a sim card, open a bank account, learn more about carpentry, sign up for a ballet class.

This right here is my baby

The Ice Rink. The band and people dancing are gathered to the left

Completely irrelevant but I did a cool swirl thing with my hair I liked

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