Thursday, 7 February 2013

Field Trip the First

Our second day of school was spent, most novally, on a field trip. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable field trips I have been on. It started with meeting half an hour early (DANES), drinking coffee outside and walking up an indoor ramp that a King once brought his horse up. Yeah, I know. 

The Round Tower is a beautiful old building that leads to some magnificent views of Copenhagen below. The main reason for going there was to see an exhibition on forests, sustainability and ethically sourced wood. Naturally, as potential carpenters, how forests are sustained should be of huge significance. I found some of the us/them developing/developed discourses a bit dodgy, but other than that I really enjoyed the concept, the photography and the woods that you could examine. 



Our next stop was the Design Museum , which was meant to inspire us for our project beginning the next day, designing and constructing a piece of furniture. Here are some of the things I particularly liked:


In the evening came the obligatory IKEA trip, where cheap things were purchased and kottbulle and cinammon buns were consumed. When in Sweden.

Danish Design-Probably the best design tradition in the world

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