Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Copenhagen: The First Sunday

I'm on Day 4 of my new adventure of living in Copenhagen, and so far I'm having a jolly good time. I have a journal that I usually write in fairly regularly, at least when exciting things happen, but I've decided to just jot down briefly here what I've been up to, as it's about 20 gazillion times faster to type than it is to write. I'm going to go backwards in time and begin at the beginning.


Checking out of one's hotel is made difficult when one must drag one's entire life down two flights of winding stairs, due to all the lazy weekenders hogging the lifts. But you must let it wash over you. Check out we eventually did. We then explored a small bit of Copenhagen. I was glad to see most of the shops and restaurants were shut. As a hospitality worker, I appreciate Denmark's commitment to giving at least some of  the hardest working, precariously employed and poorly paid workers a break.

Gladly, however, Cafe Paludan was open for business, and we indulged in the largest omelettes (I swear, at least five eggs) of our short lives. Better still, the place is not only a cafe with delicious coffee, but a book shop, library and study hall. The international students talking loudly to hide their awkwardness (I feel your pain) were the only distraction. We spent a couple of lovely hours there, then headed further afield.

Due to the Sunday-ness of the day, our search for bicycle shops, bedding stores and really any shop we needed to set us up for our new life was lacking. We whiled away a few hours and wandered through the swankier part of town. As soon as the clock struck 16:00 we headed off to our accommodation to unpack and get ready for, you know, beginning a carpentry course the next day.

So essentially we're living in dormitories, where food is provided, the rooms are nicely heated and there is even a sauna. The monthly rent is VERY reasonable. The food is shockingly bad, the coffee tastes perpetually burnt, but lucky for me I have a coffee perculator and a bag of Bewley's Panama roast, as well as lots of nice things to eat in my room (I mean pickles, berries and mackerel, I need to get my nutrition somewhere). 

The pictures below are an indication of the average-ish view from our window, in rain and in snow. As you can see, it is not amazing, but it's far from terrible, and for the price I am more than happy to spend the next few months here while my earning capacity is stunted.

Unpacking complete, we settled into our first night in our new home. Failing to turn off the radiator (faulty knob), it was absolutely sweltering hot. A good time was had by all.

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