Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The End of January

Well, January is almost over, and here's a few things that have been filling my time lately:

I've been enjoying, like everyone else in London, the snow and cold over the last week. The prospect of snow enlivens the school child in me. The prospect of a day off is just too much to handle. I think it's amazing how a touch of cold turns every grown-up into a 9 year old. People need to learn to let go of themselves more.

I don't have a 'job' job as such anymore (my life is slowly disintegrating around me), so I work a bit here and there at one or both of my jobs. Although I'm not earning as much as I want to be, I'm enjoying the whole days off and (even!) evenings free.

In my free time I'm packing my life up, getting estimates for shipping (turns out it's not cost effective to ship books which have only sentimental value), cooking delicious rhubarb and ginger treats, and making soap. My latest soap is pretty lovely if I do say so myself. I made it by smashing up my charcoal tablets into powder and mixing it with cinammon, almond oil and coconut oil for a moisturising, cleansing, sweet-smelling soap.

I have 9 days left in London, and then we're flying away, to Copenhagen to begin the next chapter. I'm making the most of it while I'm here. I'm going to have to go to Allpress at least five times before next week.

One thing I won't be missing is the coldness of Londoners, especially on the Tube. It wears me down. I was made for banter and smiling at strangers, not cold stares and not moving down the carriage and making use of all available space.

All pictures, as always, courtesy of Leo and his point and shoot.

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